Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit With Type Approval

We are very happy to offer you our I.L.Motorsport stainless steel brake line kit with type approval (ABE)
The big advantage of the stainless steel brake line kit is the direct transmission of the brake pressure to the brake calliper.
This shortens the response time of the brake system and thus the braking distance.
This kit, made by IL Motorsport especially for the MX-5 NC / NCFL, is unique in the market right now.

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Important lamps & fuses for your MX-5

Select your MX-5 and secure your replacement lamps and fuses for when you are on the road and / or at home. You always have all the necessary fuses and lamps at hand.

When shifting should be addictive!!!!

The short shifter replaces the original shifter. Installation results in extreme short shifting. With a 40% shorter throw, shifting becomes addictive.

Brand new parts with super prices!

Left and right seat with side airbags, hoods with complete frame, window switches, door cards, heat exchangers, infotainment system and many more parts.

With these prices the decission is made very easy.

Vintage Style "quilted trim" for every MX-5

The diamond stitched Look ( quilted trim ) gives the interior a sixties vintage style. This is absolute cult.
Make something special from your interior.
Order now!

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Exhaust with sound control

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Smoked Side Markers MK4

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